Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Pavilion, Mildred Overfelt, San Jose, California

1959 – Mildred Overfelt Donated The Overfelt Gardens To The City Of San José

In 1959, Mildred Overfelt donated the site of the Overfelt Gardens to the city of San José, California.

In 1971, Frank and Pauline Lowe were inspired to create a Chinese Cultural Garden within the Overfelt Gardens. The Chinese Cultural Garden spans five acres within the park and hosts various styles of Chinese architecture and sculptures.

A statue of the philosopher Confucius is within the center of the park.

A statue of Doctor Sun Yet Sen, whom is considered to be the father of the Republic of China, is within the Dr. Sun Yet Sen Memorial Hall.

The Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Pavilion has a bust of former Chinese Republic President Chiang Kia-Seek. The pavilion overlooks a pond within the park.

In addition, within the Chinese gardens is a fountain that is dedicated to Mildred Overfelt.

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