Chancellorsville, Virginia, Thomas Johnathon “Stonewall” Jackson

The Death Of General Stonewall Jackson – Days After The Battle Of Chancellorsville

During the middle of the night, after the Battle of Chancellorsville, Stonewall Jackson was returning from a scouting mission looking out for Union soldiers. The commanding officer who heard Jackson coming back to the Confederate camp, did not give Jackson and his troops enough time to respond to his request to identify themselves, and ordered to shoot the unidentified men falsely mistaking them for union soldiers left from the battle.

Jackson’s arm had to be amputated and there was a separate grave for Jackson’s arm.

Stonewall Jackson died inside of a residence in Chancellorsville, Virginia.

Stonewall Jackson had a funeral and was buried in Lexington, Virginia, near the Virginia Military Institute.

Confederate soldiers by the grave of General Stonewall Jackson (Virginia Military Institute Archives).

In present day, the site of Stonewall’s death is by a train line.

Author’s Note:

In 2013, the author Philip Andrew Hamilton visited the site of Stonewall Jackson’s death when he lived in Caroline County, Virignia.

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