Culverin Gun, Ganghwa Island, Korea, President Ulysses S. Grant, Shinmiyangyo, Winfield Scott Schley

Captured Korean Cannons From The 1871 Naval Conflict

The U.S. Navy, under the administration of President Ulysses S. Grant, sought to establish American trade and political relations with various Asian countries. However, in 1871, the trade mission in Korea, around Ganghwa Island and Joseon, was met with hostility when two Korean shore batteries fired on two U.S. Navy warships. The U.S. Navy Rear Admirals John Rogers and Winfield Scott Schley asked for an apology by the Korean forces. When no apology was given for the first attack, U.S. forces struck back.

The Koreans deemed the conflict to be the Shinmiyangyo, which stands for, “Western Disturbance In The Shinmi Year”. During the Shinmiyangyo, Korean military equipment was captured, including two culverin guns, which were brought back to Mare Island from the USS Benicia in 1871.

Author’s Note:

The two captured cannons are located in the Mare Island Museum in Vallejo, California.

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