Stanford University

The Main Quadrangle Of Stanford University

The mains quadrangle of Stanford University consists of the Memorial Church and the Memorial Arch.

In addition there is a student erected plaque dedicated to Stanford veterans of the Spanish American War.

In additional there are statues in Memorial Court that were built by Rodin, the creator of the “Thinker Statue” in San Francisco. The statues on campus are dedicated to the veterans of the Hundred Years’ War.

Overall, is the original and most beautiful part of Stanford University.

The Shinn House

The Shinn House Of Fremont

The Shinn House Of Fremont was built in 1876.

Inside of the home is a sketch of how the property originally appeared.

The rear room, in the first level of the house, contains the archives of the home and some local history.

These resources on east bay history include several newspaper articles.

One can find more information on the home within the United States Library of Congress:


Giacomo Casanova Wrote A Science Fiction Influenced By Benjamin Franklin’s Concepts of Future Air Travel

Italian writer Giacomo Casanova had written a science fiction book, near the end of his life, called, “Icosameron, or the Story Of Edward and Elizabeth: Who Spent Eighty-One Years in the Land Of the Megamicers”.

Casanova met Benjamin Franklin during the Italian writer’s last trip to Paris in 1783. Benjamin Franklin’s concepts of future air travel influenced some of the plot in his novel.


Los Altos History Museum

The Los Altos History Museum had an exhibit of the 100th anniversary of the armistice of World War I.

There were photographs of individuals who fought in WWI, who worked in the factories and who protested the war from the United States National Archives.

Many actors were part of the effort, across the country, to encourage adult males to enlist in the Great War.

There was a photo of a German American, from Minnesota, who was tarred and feathered for not supporting the war effort. Tarring and feathering was commonplace in colonial times so it was indeed interesting to see that it had been done in the 20th Century in America.


The Joseph D. Grant Home

On April 21, 2018 I got to go on a tour of the Joseph D. Grant home with the California Pioneers Of Santa Clara. The Joseph D. Grant

Hamilton Road was built in 1876 after the plans to construct the Lick Observatory were approved.

Jospeh D. Grant was the sixth wealthiest individual in California.

Author’s Note:

While on the tour I met a couple who had seen Martin Luther King Junior father preach at the Ebinizer Church in Atlanta Georgia. I also met another member of the Gilroy and Morgan Hill historical societies who was related to former US Civil War General and President Grant.