Congressman John Lewis, Nate Powell

Nate Powell – Artist For The Civil Rights Comic Book Series Titled March

Philip Hamilton with Nate Powell

On August 15, 2018 I got to meet Nate Powell during a discussion he hosted on his comic book series, “March” in Cupertino, California. Nate had spent days interviewing Georgia Congressman John Lewis so that he could tell the story of Bloody Sunday and of the March from Selma to Montgomery from his perspective.

Author’s Note:

Nate Powell’s historical comic books have been required reading at high schools across the country. As a longtime fan of comic books, I support having comic books as required reading in public schools!

Additional Information:

Nate’s interview of March: Book Two.

Johann Augustus Sutter

The Construction Of Sutter’s Sawmill Lead To The Discovery Of Gold in California

Sutter’s Mill In 1850, two years after gold was discovered at the site.

In 1847, Johann Augustus Sutter hired James Wilson Marshall to construct a sawmill along the south fork of the American River in Colma, California.

Photograph of Johann Augustus Sutter

On January 24, 1848 James brought a lump of gold from the sawmill construction site, to Sutter to be tested. That lump ended up being pure gold.

Photograph of James Wilson Marshall.
The California State Indian Museum

The California State Indian Museum

The California State Indian Museum was established in 1940 and exhibits the culture of various Native American tribes in the state.

Before Spanish explorers and settlers came to California, the consisted of over 60 different indigenous groups, with various sub groups who spoke over 300 dialects.

The museum featured an exhibit on natives during the Spaniard mission period.

Elk Grove Historical Society

The Elk Grove Historical Museum

I’m 2014, I lived in Rancho Cordova, and I worked some in Elk Grove. Therefore, I decided to drive to see the historical museum within a city I used to work in.

The Elk Grove Heritage Park has information on the pioneers that came to California.

Specifically there is information on the Lincoln Highway, which was the first gravel road , with various road markers, to connect from the east coast to the west coast.

The widowed Euphemia Foulks moved with five children to Elk Grove. Euphemia and her children were instrumental in the beginnings of the city which has a population of about 170,000 in present day.

Fort Sutter, Johann Augustus Sutter, John Charles Frémont

Fort Sutter in Sacramento

In 1834, Johann Augustus Sutter fled Switzerland due to debts he was unable to repay. Sutter moves to America to begin life anew with various business ventures on Mexican Lands. In 1840, Sutter began construction on Fort Sutter in Sacramento by utilizing Hawaiian and Nisenan Indian laborers whom were cohersed to work for him.

John Charles Frémont, before he ran for President as a Republican, had utilized military forces to take over Fort Sutter during the Mexican-American War. Sutter was allowed to stay on the fort grounds as a lieutenant. After the war ended Sutter took charge of his fort again.

Over time, Fort Sutter was abandoned and became a California State Park.

In present day, Sutter Fort has a replica of an emigrant wagon that had been used by individuals moving to California during the gold rush.

Author’s Note:

Johann Augustus Sutter purchased Fort Ross from the Russian government in 1841.

Natural Bridges State Beach, The Monarch Butterfly Boardwalk

The Monarch Butterfly Boardwalk at Natural Bridges State Beach

California’s Natural Bridges State Beach is one of the annual migration points of four generations of monarch butterflies.

In month of October the butterflies make a habitat out of the forests next to Natural Bridges State Beach. The butterflies typically stay until December.

Hundreds of Monarchs can be seen from the boardwalk that takes visitors into the forest.

Dr. Robert Burn Fisher, Fremont Museum of Local History, John Charles Frémont

The Fremont Museum of Local History

The Fremont Museum Of Local History was created utilizing Dr. Robert Burn Fisher’s historical collection. Dr. Fisher archived many photographs and maps of the Fremont area.

Fremont has had various fossils found in the area by archeologists.

The Museum has an exhibit on explorer, militiaman, and former Governor of California John Charles Frémont, who was the first ever politician to run for President as a Republican.

Various movies were filmed in Fremont, including classics with Charlie Chaplin.

The motorcycle chase scene in “Terminator 2: Judgement Day” was filmed with former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in Fremont. The musuem has not mentioned that part of modern film history in its facility.

The museum had an exhibit regarding the first Apple mass production factory which was in Fremont, California before manufacturing was outsourced to China to companies like Foxconn.

The plant had manufactured Apple Macintoshes at an automated rate of one computer every 27 seconds.

In present day, there is is a Tesla Factory in Fremont, which I have been visited in 2017, that manufactures Tesla electric vehicles.

Author’s Note:

As a member of the Santa Clara California Pioneers, I found it amusing that this museum had a membership poster for an individual who was a member of the pioneers in the 1800s.