My Family History

On my mothers side of my family, I have a rich set of American and European ancestory.  Mason Newkirk, my grandfather, is related to William Mason, the son of founding father George Mason IV, who served in the Fairfax Militia during the Revolutionary War.  George Mason’s ancestors had come to the Americas from Britain. In fact, some of my ancestors had come to the America’s centuries before the British colonies were established, via the Mayflower.

Ingeburg Newkirk, my grandmother is the daughter of Alex A. Lunse, who was drafted to serve in the German Air Force during World War II.  My great grandfather had served out of fear of repercussions by the SS of not adhering to the draft.  My descendants, from my grandparents were related to Russian royalty.

At the age of 17, my father became a first generation immigrant, who came to the United States from Iran before the American installed shah was overthrown.  My father has worked for the Severe Weather Center in Norman, Oklahoma and has served over 25 years working for NASA.

In essence, my children will carry on the torch of family members with a truly diverse set of backgrounds from the past few centuries.