Welcome to my site! As a relative of a member of the Mayflower ship that came to the Americas hundreds of years ago, George Mason IV, one of the founding fathers who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights, George Mason IV’s fourth child William Mason who was a member of the Fairfax Militia during the American Revolution, and various modern military veterans, including my Great Uncle Bill who was a Freemason who served in the US Air Force for over 30 years, my grandfather Mason Newkirk who was a bridge builder for the US Army during the Korean War, and my Uncle Steve Moore who served in the Special Forces for the US Army in West Germany, and other countries,  during the Cold War, I feel a connection to world history I wish to share with others. This website is part of my dedicated archieve of historical events, and sites, that I visit while traveling America and other parts of the world in the future!

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Philip Andrew Hamilton