The Fairfax County, Virginia Courthouse, Vienna, Virginia

The Town Of Vienna, Virginia – An Town Established By The Nearby Fairfax County, Courthouse

The area that would become officially known as the town of Vienna, Virginia in 1862, was settled by Europeans who moved there after the construction of the Fairfax County Courthouse in 1742.

Photograph of the Fairfax County Courthouse with Civil War era cannons on its grounds.

In 1890, the town of Vienna was officially incorporated, and a mayor was elected. In present day, certain roads, such as Old Courthouse Road and Lawyers Road, go along parts of old town Vienna.

Photograph of downtown Vienna, Virginia.

Author’s Note:

The author Philip Hamilton, along with his three brothers and sisters, went to Flint Hill Elementary School, Thoreau Middle School and James Madison High School in Vienna, Virginia.

Fairfax, Virginia, Fredericksburg, Virginia, James Ewell Brown Stuart, The Fairfax, Virginia Courthouse, U.S. Civil War, Vienna, Virginia

Confederate Calvary Commander J.E.B. Stuart’s Christmas Raid From Fredericksburg To Fairfax, Virginia

Before the U.S. Civil War, James Ewell Brown Stuart was present when John Brown’s abolitionist riot was in full force. Stuart, along with General Robert Edward Lee, assisting in suppressing the abolitionist riot.

While stationed in Fredericksburg, and a large portion of the Confederate Army was in Caroline County, J.E.B. Stuart led a Christmas raid into the Fairfax Courthouse and Vienna, Virginia.

Later in the war, Confederate Calvary commander J.E.B. Stuart was killed in battle by an unmounted Michigan Soldier in May 1864.