The American Revolution War Musuem at Yorktown, U.S. Revolutionary War

The 5,000 African American Soldiers That Fought In The Revolutionary War

During the course of the American Revolutionary War between 200,000 to 250,000 militiamen faught for the Americans. About 9,000 African American men were enlisted during the war and about 5,000 of those men faught in various battles.

Author’s Note:

The American Revolution Musuem of Yorktown has an exhibit dedicated to the African Americans soldiers that faught In he war.

Britain, Germany, U.S. Revolutionary War

German Soldiers Were Used As Auxiliary Troops By The British During the Revolutionary War

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, after the Seven Years War with France, the British government decided that they needed 20,000 additional auxiliary troops to wage war against the United States. After a failed attempt to attain those auxiliary troops from Russia, Britain decided to reach out to Germany for auxiliary Hessian troops. A total of 30,000 Hessian troops fought for the British Army, making up a quarter of the total British forces during the Revolutionary War.