The Northern Mariposa County Museum And History Center

The Northern Mariposa County Museum And History Center

The Northern Mariposa County Museum And History Center is located in Coulterville, California, off of Highway 49.

Thomas and Caroline McCarty built their original building as a home. When the home was leased to Percy Davis she added two floors and converged the building into the “Coulter Hotel” which was eventually renamed the Coulterville Hotel. In 1962, after Vernon C. Peppers bought the hotel, he converted the building into a commercial musuem. On July 16, 1976, Vernon Peppers sold the Musuem and the Northern Mariposa County Museum and History Center was established soon after in 1978.

The museum has the “Whistling Billy” train that was utilized by miners after the Oliver Fiske Freighting Company of Greeley Hill delivered the train to Coulterville in 1894. The trestle that the Whistling Billy train was on was destroyed by a wildfire and the train fell on the dirt within a canyon.

The Whistling Billy after it was damaged by a wildfire.

The train was left in a canyon for several years before it was brought back, by a team of horses, to Coulterville to be restored. The train was placed in front of the museum after the restoration was completed.