Confederate President Jefferson Finis Davis, Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid, The Dahlgren Affair

Plans To Assassinate Confederate President Jefferson Davis Found In Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren’s Pockets After The Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid

Painting of the Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid.

From February 28 to March 1, 1864 Union Brigadier General H. Judson Kilpatrick and Colonel Ulric Dahlgren launched failed a calvary ambush of Richmond, Virginia known as the Kilpatrick-Dahlgren Raid and as “The Dahlgren Affair”.

The union forces were repeatedly attacked, after retreating from Richmond, on their way to northern Virignia.

Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren lead 200 troops during the retreat, to King and Queen County, Virginia. Colonel Dahlgren was shot and a thirteen year old boy found a letter describing plans to assassinate Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The plans were published in Confederate newspapers and Colonel Dahlgren’s body was hung in public display in Richmond.

Photograph of Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren.

As retaliation, the Confederate government planned to kidnap Lincoln and to set explosives in the White House. Both plans had failed, just as the union plan to kill Jefferson Davis had failed.