California’s Great America Amusement Park, Mortimer D. French House, Santa Clara, California

The Mortimer D. French House In The California’s Great America Amusement Park

In 1852, Mortimer D. French built a house on Coffin Road, a road that currently consists of Great America Parkway. The house was sold to Fess Parker, and the property around it became part of the former “Frontier Worlds” theme park. The house changed ownership again, after “Frontier Worlds” was replaced by a bigger park which currently consists of “California’s Great America”.

Santa Clara Historical Society, Santa Clara, California

Genealogy Classes with the Santa Clara Historical Society

Craig, a former resident of Maine, has three blogs and teaches classes on how to tell the story of your family history beyond just birthdates, marriages and deaths. Craig spoke at a Santa Clara Historical Society meeting, an organization that is continually offering genealogy classes, which consist of recommendations of various resources to use when conducting family research.

Sites that one can for no cost family research are:

Harris-Lass Historic Museum, Santa Clara, California

Harris-Lass Historic Museum in Santa Clara

The Harris-Lass Historic Museum consists of an Italianate house built in 1865, the last year of the American Civil War.  The names Harris and Lass, represent the last names of the two families who owned the home for 125 years.  The city of Santa Clara bought the property on the year of my birth, in 1987.

The house has a barn attached to it, and is the last standing farming site within the metropolitan city of Santa Clara.  Outside of the perimeter of the house and the barn, there are several farm tools and machines from the 1800’s.

While the City of Santa Clara owns the Harris-Lass Museum, the Historic Preservation Society of Santa Clara operates the facility.  The board of that Historic Preservation Society meets monthly at the classroom of the barn.