Henry Morris Naglee, San Francisco, California, San Jose, California

Henry Morris Naglee – The First Commander Of A California National Guard Unit In San Francisco

In 1849, three years after serving in the Mexican-American War, Henry Morris Naglee was the commander of a militia unit in San Francisco which was the first unit of the California National Guard.

A statue in honor of Henry Morris Naglee was placed at the Saint James Park in San José, California.

James Paul McCartney, San Jose, California, The Beatles

Musician James Paul McCartney’s Performance At The SAP Center Of San José, California

Englishman Sir James Paul McCartney did a nearly three hour set at the SAP Center in San José, California.

James Paul McCartney spoke about the time he met musician Jimmy Hendrix and How Jimmy asked McCartney to open up for him a show he was doing that same week. McCartney spoke about how his song, “Black Bird” was about the ongoing U.S. Civil Rights movement.

San Jose, California

1960 – The Japanese Friendship Garden Was Established In San José

In 1960, during the month of May, the Japanese Cultural Garden was established due to the “Sister City” relationship between Okayama, Japan and San Jose, California

Okayama, Japan and San Jose, California have dignitaries that travel to both cities as a result of the “Sister City” relationship, a connection that various cities worldwide share with one another.

The park and gardens have various Japanese style structures and bridges, similar to the Japanese Tea Garden in San Francisco, California.

In addition, there are various Japanese fauna and bushes within the garden grounds.

San Francisco, California, San Jose, California

Charles Harmon’s Painting Of The Santa Clara Valley Shown At The “1915 World’s Fair” In San Francisco

In 1915, Charles Harmon was commissioned to paint the Santa Clara Valley for the upcoming World’s Fair in San Francisco. The painting has moved to various locations since the end of the fair.

Currently, the painting is displayed within the jury room within the Santa Clara Courthouse in San Jose, California.

San Jose, California, The Oak Hill Funeral Home And Memorial Park

The Oak Hill Funeral Home And Memorial Park

The Oak Hill Funeral Home & Memorial Park hosts the graves of various historical figures, such as members of the Donner Party, as well as multiple celebrities.

The chapel on the grounds has a British style roof that is akin to the roof of the historical Ainsley House in downtown Campell, California.

On the top of the Oak Hill Memorial Park grounds Is a large cross and multiple cenotaphs.

The mausoleum has several statues and artwork within the grounds.

A corner of the park is dedicated to veterans from San José.

San Jose, California

2014 – Martial Cottle Park Opens A Day Before The Previous Owner Of The Land Dies

In 1854, Pioneers arrived to Santa Clara, via a wagon, and formed the Santa Teresa Ranch within the town of Edenville. Descendants of the ranch owned the land for generations, until their last owner donated the ranch to the Santa Clara County Government. The County turned the ranch into the Marital Cottle Park and the last owner of the Land passed away a day before the opening of the park to the public.

San Jose, California

1962 – The Emma Prusch Farm Regional Park Of San José Was Established

In the 1800s, William and Cathrena Prusch started a dairy farm in San José, California. On Febuary 12, 1876, Emma Prusch, the daughter of William and Cathrena Prusch was born. Emma took over the farm after her fathers passing in 1949. In 1962, the Emma Prusch Farm Regional Park was dedicated to the City of San Jose, California.

The red barn within the Emma Prusch Farm Regional Park is the largest within the City of San José.

A historical marker with the history of Emma Prusch’s family is within the land within the park.