Battle of Bristoe Station, Bristoe Campaign, Prince William County, Virginia

The Bristoe Campaign Of The U.S. Civil War

The Bristoe Campaign was a series of battles faught in Prince William County, Virginia, during the U.S. Civil War, from October to November 1863. One of the battles within the campaign was the Battle of Bristoe Station.

Map of the Battle of Bristoe Station.

Author’s Note:

The Battles of First and Second Bull Run were the two other major battles that took place in Prince William County, Virginia.

Prince William County, Virginia, The Independent Company Of Prince William County, Virginia

The Independent Company Of Prince William

During the French and Indian War, from 1754 to 1763, a milita was formed in Prince William County, Virginia, which served as a prerequisite for troop readiness in a later war.

In 1774, Prince William County, Virginia formed a volunteer group of infantrymen, called the Independent Company of Prince William, which was formed under the command of Captains Philip Richard Francis Lee and William Grayson due to the anticipated conflict with Britain. In 1776, regents of the militia became known as the Prince William District Battalion.

King George II, Prince William County, Virginia

The Founding Of Prince William County, Virginia

In 1608, Captain John Smith first discovered Prince William County, Virginia during an expedition up the Potomac River. In 1731, Prince William County was formed by the Virginia General Assembly, whom named it after the second son of King George II.

Prince William was made the Duke of Cumberland in 1726 when he was five years old; and he was only nine years old when honored by the name of the new colonial county of Virginia. Cumberland County and Cumberland Gap are two other Virginia places named after him.