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My Lincoln’s Day Visit To The Lou Henry And Hebert Hoover House

On February 12, 2019, on the Lincoln’s Day holiday in the United States, I visited the former home of President Herbert Edgar Hoover and his wife Lou Henry Hoover. In the past, Herbert Hoover had drawn inspiration from President Abraham Lincoln from his time as president by stating:

“Perhaps the most impressive lesson to be drawn from the life and sayings of Abraham Lincoln is that battles that are won in hate but provoke later conflicts, whilst those that are won by love leave no sting and are therefore permanent victories”.

On February 10, 1899, Lou Henry and Hebert Hoover got married in Monterey, California and spent a honeymoon in China during the Boxer Rebellion.

Lou Henry Hoover designed the family home, hence the structure has been named the Lou Henry & Herbert Hoover House. President Hoover had the house constructed near Stanford University, the same school that he had graduated from, where he gave campaign speeches at as well as where he established the Hoover Institution. The home itself has several international influences due to the many countries that Herbert Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover had visited during their lifetimes.

In present day, the President of Stanford University lives at President Hoover’s former residence.

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The Hoover Dam Lodge’s Photos of the Construction of the Hoover Dam

The Hoover Dam Lodge has a multitude of historical photos relating to the construction of the Hoover Dam, formerly known as the Boulder Dam, under President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s administration.  The Hoover Dam, amungst the Grand Coulee Dam and other new dams in the United States, were approved to put people to work during the period of the “Great Depression”.

Author’s Note:

The Boulder Canyon Project Act, which allocated funds for the construction of the Boulder Dam, was approved by Congress in 1928 and signed into law by President Herbert Clark Hoover.  According the U.S. Department of the Interior – Office of Reclamation another act of congress changed the name of the Boulder Dam to the Hoover Dam in February 14, 1931.