Oregon Historical Society

Statutes Of Presidents Abraham Lincoln And Theodore Roosevelt Toppled In Front Of The Oregon Historical Society

On October 12, 2020, which is called Columbus Day and Indigenous Peoples’ Day, a group of about 300 people tore down the statutes of President Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt in what the rioters called “A Day of Rage”. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler condemned the violence and Portland mayor canidate Sarah Iannarone stated, “Public access to art is vital to our city’s cultural fabric … I condemn all acts of violence and destruction, especially those targeting public art.”

Workers tape off the area around the President Theodore Roosevelt statute that was toppled over during a riot.

Should we as a society ever tolerate the taking down of statutes of, “The Great Emancipator”? What will it take as an American people to stand up to rioters and to tell them that we will no longer allow you to destroy public works or art and to destroy aspects of our nation’s history?