Battle of Santa Clara, Battle of the Mustard Stalks, Mission Santa Clara, Mission Santa Clara de Asís, Mission Santa Clara de Asis

Battle of the Mustard Stalks – The Only Mexican-American War Battle Fought In Northern California

On January 2, 1847, the Battle of the Mustard Stalks, more commonly known as the Battle of Santa Clara, began on a mustard field near Mission Santa Clara de Asís. The battle continued until February 7th and was the only battle of the Mexican-American War in northern California.

On February 8th, 1847, an armistice between Mexican forces, led by Francisco Sanchez, and the Americans was signed by an Oak tree. The Mexican revolt was the last of its kind in Northern California until California became a state in 1850.

In present day, historical markers indicate a site of the battle and of the armistice, by the Santa Clara City Hall.

The original historical marker for the armistice was moved when the El Camino Real Road was modified.

Mission Santa Clara, Mission Santa Clara de Asís, Mission Santa Clara de Asis, Santa Clara, California

The Mission Period In The Santa Clara Valley

In 1769, Ohlone Indians first encountered Spanish travelers in the bay area. A few years later, on January 12, 1777, Mission Santa Clara de Asis became the eighth of the Catholic California missions founded in California.

The plaques associated with “Stroll into the Past”, next to the the Santa Clara City Hall Building, where part of the city’s 150th anniversary celebration in 2002.

César Chávez, Mission Santa Clara de Asís

Masses Commemorating The 25th Anniversary Of César Chávez’s Death

On April 23, 2018 Mission Santa Clara de Asis hosted a Catholic mass honoring the 25th Anniversary of César Chávez‘s Death in Arizona.

César Chávez‘s sister Rita and his niece Barbara Medina-Aranda were present for the mass.

At mass the I got the oppurtunity to meet Serena Alvarez who’s father worked closely with Dolores Huerta. Before his death he was the Vice President of Dolores Huerta’s foundation.

After the mass a reception was held at the nearby Adobe building, where a Santa Clara Delegate to César Chávez‘s funeral at the César Chávez National Munument spoke.

Author’s Note:

The César Chávez National Monument held an additional mass to mark the 25th Anniversary of César Chávez’s death on April 23, 2018.  After the mass attendees were taken to the site of César Chávez‘s grave.