Mark Twain, Samuel Clemens

The Joaquin Miller Park

The Joaquin Miller Park is the site of Joaquin Miller’s home and property, which hosts monuments to various figures.

Joaquin Miller hosted various writers, artists and musicians to his property; including Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain.

Joaquin Miller built several monuments on his property, including one to John C. Frémont, whom watched a sunset on a hill on his land.

Angels Camp, California, Mark Twain

The Angels Camp Museum

The Angels Camp Museum was established in the 1900s. The outside of the museum has various outdoor exhibits.

The “Just Jerry” is a unique shaped tram that was utilized in the town.

The Angels Camp Pelton Wheel was used to power the local logging operations.

The tractor “Ol Beth” was a steam tractor utilized in the 19th century.

The bells, on display in front of the museum, signify the bells that have been utilized for churches and other buildings over time.

The signal cannons were used for mining operations in Angels Camp.

Mark Twain

The Mark Twain Museum Of Virginia City, Nevada

When the Mark Twain Musuem of Virginia City, Nevada was established it paid homage to the author who worked for the newspaper “The Territorial Enterprise”. Mark Twain wrote about his Nevada adventures in his book “Roughin’ It” which the museum had utilized for some of the information regarding Twain’s life.

The Mark Twain Museum was owned by a family and was established in a former Territorial Enterprise Building that was used after the newspaper moved from Genoa to Virginia City in 1860. However, the museum is currently closed, with only historical markers viable from the outside of the building. Across the street from the former museum is the Mark Twain Saloon.

Author’s Note:

Author Philip Hamilton visited the site of the former Mark Twain Musuem on his way to the Burning Man Festival.

Mark Twain, Roughing It

The First Religious Ceremony In Virginia City, Nevada

On September 11, 1861, the first religious ceremony, in Virginia City, Nevada, was held at the local U.S. Courthouse building by Reverend Franklin Rising. In 1862, Reverend Franklin Rising became the first pastor for the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church.

Presently, the Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church has the oldest pipe organ in the state of Nevada.

Author’s Note:

Mark Twain’s Book “Roughing It” mentioned his friend Reverend Franklin Rising.