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Los Adaes – The Site In Louisiana That Served As The Capital Of The Spanish Province Of Texas

Los Adaes, a Spanish owned colonial territory which would later become part of the state of Louisiana, was the second provisional capital of the Province of Texas from 1721 until its abandonment in 1773.

The Spanish had established a mission called San Miguel de Cuellar de los Adaes, and a presidio, Nuestra SeƱora del Pilar de Los Adaes by the former capital of Texas. In 1770, the capital of Texas was moved to San Antonio, which led to the abandonment of the town.

Presently, the Los Adaes State Historic Site, in Robeline, Louisiana, preserves the lands within the former state capital, which turned into a ghost town in the late 1770s.

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The French Settlement Of La Louisiana

The French first settled La Louisiana, which presently consists of the the lands within the states such as Louisiana and several mid-western states. This area would later become part of the Louisiana Territory that Thomas Jefferson would purchase from the French government, to help the French finance funds needed to fight a slave rebellion in Haiti.