King And Queen County, Virginia, The King And Queen County, Virginia Historical Society

The Old Clerk’s Office And The King And Queen County, Virginia Historical Society

The Old Clerk’s Office and the Confederate Monument of King and Queen County, Virginia.

In 1953, the King and Queen County Historical Society was founded and was eventually re-located to the site of the Old Clerk’s Office; which was rebuilt in 1866 after the original building was burnt down as retaliation of the killing of Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren. In 1912, a Confederate Monument was erected to confederate soldiers and sailors of King and Queen County in front of the Old Clerk’s Office. Later, in 1957, the Clerk’s Office was moved to the inside of the King and Queen Courthouse, after an office was added inside. Years after, the King and Queen Historical Society began to store records inside the Old Clerk’s Office.

The former clerk’s office, the Historic Courthouse Tavern Musuem and a former schoolhouse archieve historical records for King and Queen County, Virginia.

King And Queen County, Virginia, Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren

The Burning Of King And Queen County Buildings As Retaliation For The Killing Of Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren

One of the first New Kent County, Virginia courthouses were built in the 1600s. In 1691, When King and Queen County was created from part of New Kent, a courthouse formerly in New Kent was in the newly formed county.

On March 10, 1864, union soldiers led by the father of Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren burned the courthouse, and several buildings surrounding the structure, as retaliation for the killing of his son at King and Queen County. The legislature, after the war, decided to keep the site of the King and Queen Courthouse as the county seat. Thus, in 1866 the courthouse, the clerk’s office and the jail were rebuilt on their original foundations.