Keswick, Virginia

The Grace Episcopal Church Of Keswick, Virginia – Where Thomas Jefferson Served As A Church Vestry From 1767 To 1770

In 1745, the Grace Episcopal Church was originally established as the Middle Church. While Thomas Jefferson was a child, he attended the “Maury School for Boys”, which was run by the founder of the Middle Church Reverand James Maury. Thomas Jefferson served as the church vestry from 1767 to 1770.

Members of the Maury family were friends with former Governor Alexander Spotswood, who traveled with the grandfather of my relative George Mason IV, to the frontier of Virginia during the “Knights of the Golden Horseshoe Expedition” in 1716.

Engraving of Governor Alexander Spotswood leading a party through the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Presently, Reverand James Maury, the founder of the church, is buried near the front door of the stone building.