Greensboro, North Carolina, James Alexander Forbes

1854 – James Alexander Forbes Builds The Forbes Mill Of Los Gatos, California

In 1854, James Alexander Forbes constructed the four story Forbes Mill in Forbesville, California, a town that would be later renamed to Los Gatos in 1887.

On March 28, 1982, the former mill was established as the Forbes Mill Museum.

Author’s Note:

The Forbes Mill Museum is currently closed and the facility is only open for viewing through appointments only.

Charlotte, North Carolina, Greensboro, North Carolina

Confederate President Jefferson Finis Davis’s Escape To Greensboro, North Carolina After The Fall Of The Third Confederate Capital

After General Robert Edward Lee surrendered the Confederate army of Northern Virginia at the Appatmattox Courthouse, Jefferson Finis Davis, and other members of the Confederate government were left unprotected by union advances at their temporary Confederate Capital in Danville, Virginia. From April 12th to 13th, 1865, Jefferson Davis, along with other cabinet members, stayed at the home of J.T. Wood in Greensboro, North Carolina to hold cabinet meetings.

After those meetings, the Confederate government cabinet members reconvened in Charlotte, South Carolina, during their escape of the Union army’s advances. This escape would soon lead Jefferson Finis Davis to the state of Georgia.