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Joist Hite – The First German Settler Of The Lower Shenandoah Valley

Joist Hite, also known as Jost Hans Von Der Heydt, was born on December 5, 1685 in Strasbourg, Alsace, Germany. Joist Hite immigrated to the Pennslyvania Colony, with several other Germans. In 1732, Joist Hite was the first German settler of the the lower Shenandoah Valley, when he built the wooden Springdale house in Frederick County, Virginia.

Joist Hite does May 17, 1761 at Kernstown in Frederick County, Virginia And was buried at Old Opequon Cemetery.

Photograph of Joist Hite’s gravesite at the Old Opequon Cemetery Kernstown, Frederick County, Virginia.
Frederick County, Virginia, Orange County, Virginia

The Founding Of Frederick County, Virginia

In the early 1600s, lands of what would become Frederick County, Virginia were initially owned by the English Virginia Company. The English royal government took claims to those lands in 1624, claiming it to be part of the Colony of Virginia and formed it into part of Orange County, Virginia. On December 21, 1738, the House of Burgesses Frederick County from part of Orange County, Virginia..

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The First And Second Battle Of Winchester

The First Battle of Winchester, fought on May 25, 1862, in and around Frederick County, Virginia, and in Winchester, Virginia. This battle was a major victory in Confederate Army Major General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson’s Campaign through the Shenandoah Valley during the American Civil War.

The Second Battle of Winchester was fought between June 13 and June 15, 1863 in Frederick County and Winchester, Virginia as part of the Gettysburg Campaign during the American Civil War.

Author’s Note:

In 2003, while he was a James Madison High School student, author Philip Hamilton participated in a Civil War re-enactment at the Winchester Battlefield Park.