Fort A.P. Hill, NORTHCOM, United States Northern Command

Fort A.P. Hill – A U.S. Army Base Where General George Patton Trained Troops During World War II

Fort A.P. Hill was established by the United States Army in 1941, at the beginning of the U.S. involvement in World War II. The army base took up a third of the land of Caroline County.

After the base was built, General George Smith Patton, Junior had thousands of troops trained at that base.

Currently, Fort A.P. Hill serves as one of many training grounds, for the United States Northern Command (NORTHCOM), for soldiers in rural landscapes.

Author’s Note:

Philip Andrew Hamilton trained at Fort A.P. Hill for Field Training Exercises (FTXs) while a member of the Patriot Battalion of the George Mason University Reserve Officer Training Corps.

Fort A.P. Hill, World War II

The Caroline County, Virginia Towns That Were Destroyed To Build Fort A.P. Hill At The Beginning Of WWII

In 1941, during the beginning of the American involvement in World War II, the United States Federal Government purchased a third of Caroline County, Virginia which included various small towns. Several historical buildings such as churches and schools, were demolished during the construction of the Army base.

Liberty Baptist Church, which was built in 1850 and is the only church that U.S. Army currently uses within the grounds of Fort A.P. Hill, is the only pre-1941 religious structure that exists in the base.