Charlottesville, Virginia, Edgar Allan Poe, Fort Monroe

Edgar Allan Poe’s Brief Tenure At The University Of Virginia

On Saint Valentine’s Day, in 1826, Edgar Allan Poe registered to attend undergraduate classes, in Ancient and Modern Languages, at the University of Virginia. As a student he wrote the short story, “A Tale Of The Ragged Mountains”, which was about his prospective of the Blue Ridge Mountains surrounding Charlottesville. John Allan, his adoptive father, refused to pay any of the debts that Edgar Allan Poe accumulated while pursuing higher education. Therefore, Edgar Allan Poe dropped out of the prestigious school, after a single semester, due to not having the funds to continue his enrollment.

Author’s Note:

A mere two years after Edgar Allen Poe dropped out of the University of Virginia, he enlisted in the United States Army and was stationed at Fort Monroe, a military installation named after President James Monroe.

Baltimore, Maryland, Edgar Allan Poe, Miss Sara Sigourney

The Gravesite Of Poet Edgar Allan Poe In Baltimore

This is the lithograph that was drawn of Edgar Allan Poe’s gravesite after the author’s tombstone was unveiled in 1875.

I’m 1849, Edgar Allen Poe, the author of various poems such as “The Raven”, was buried in an unmarked grave in Baltimore, Maryland. Miss Sara Sigourney started a movement to raise funds for a tombstone in 1865. It was not until 1875 that a tombstone was erected for Edgar Allen Poe. In present day, fans of Poe’s works visit his gravesite on the anniversary of his passing.