Culpeper County, Virginia

Culpeper County, Virginia – County Where 160 Civil War Battles Were Faught

Sketch of a Calvary Battle At the Battle of Brandy Station on June 9, 1863.

Between 1861 and 1865, 160 battles were faught within Culpeper County, Virginia. The reason this county was such a contentious area during the Civil War was because the Confederacy and the Union were competing for control of the Orange and Alexandria Railroad.

Battle of Brandy Station, Confederate Major General J.E.B. Stuart, Culpeper County, Virginia, Gettysburg Campaign

The Battle of Brandy Station – The Largest Ever Calvary Battle In The United States

On June 9, 1863, at the Battle of Brandy Station, about 18,000 Confederate and Union soldiers embarked in the largest Calvary battle that ever occurred in the continental United States. The Confederate Calvary was led by Major General J.E.B. Stuart and he Union Calvary was led by Major General Alfred Pleasonton. The Battle of Brandy Station marked the beginning of the Confederacy’s Gettysburg Campaign.

Presently, the Battlefield of Brandy Station is a set of public and private lands. Various historical markers have been added to the Brandy Station Battlefield.

Author’s Note:

In 2018, a confederate monument to General William Henry Fitzhugh Payne, called “Lee’s Forgotten Warrior” was erected at the Battle of Brandy Station.

Culpeper County, Virginia, Lord Thomas Culpeper, Orange County, Virginia

The Founding Of Culpeper County, Virginia

Painting of Lord Thomas Culpeper.

In 1749, Culpeper County, Virginia was from part of Orange County, Virginia by a decree from the Virginia legislature. Culpeper County is named after Lord Thomas Culpeper, the Colonial Governor of Virginia, whom served from 1680 to 1683.

In present day, a series of historical markers show the history of Culpeper County.