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The MLK Research and Education Institute of Stanford Screens New Documentary, “I Am MLK, Jr.”


The Martin Luther King, Junior Research and Education Institute screened a new documentary on MLK called, “I Am MLK, Jr.” which included commentary from Clarence Jones, MLK’s former attorney and speechwriter, Congressman John Robert Lewis, Jesse Louis Jackson, Senior, various civil rights leaders and Clayborne Johnson the director of the MLK Education and Research Insititue. This documentary took six months to produce and will be featured on HBO.

Clarence Benjamin Jones, Martin Luther King Junior’s former attorney and speechwriter.

After documentary was screened, the announcement of of a new endowment honoring Clarence Benjamin Jones was made.

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Former Attorney for Martin Luther King, Jr. and Co-Author of the speech, “I Have A Dream” Speaks in Cooley Landing


On April 2, 2018, Dr. Clarence B. Jones, the co-author of Martin Luther King Jr’s, “I Have A Dream” speech and the former attorney for MLK, spoke at Cooley Landing in East Palo Alto to honor King’s legacy fifty years after his assassination. The event was organized by the Martin Luther King Research and Education Insitute at Stanford University.

Clarence Jones recalled his many memories of MLK, including the fact he was in an airport getting ready to leave for Memphis, when he got a phone call from someone who said that MLK had been shot at the Lorraine Hotel. Shortly thereafter, while he was still in the airport, he got another call regarding the fact that MLK had deceased from his gunshot wounds.

Clarence Jones stated that MLK was not concerned about his own personal safety, after President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated, and this it was just a matter of time before he too would be taken from the earth for doing God’s work. Clarence Jone’s prominent thought that day was, “They finally got him”.

On April 4th, 2018 Clarence Jones will be going to the site of the assassination to honor his former client and friend whom he lost too soon.

Below are videos taken at the event where many prominent members of the community such as Clayborne Carson, the Director of the MLK Research and Education Institute, Reverend Jeff Moore II, the San Jose NAACP Chapter President, and the Mayor of East Palo Alto.