Charles Cittie, Virginia, Charles City County History Center, Charles City County, Virginia, Isaac Brandon

The Lynching Of An African American Man In Charles City County, Virginia

In 1892, a mob of masked men pulled Isaac Brandon, an African American man, out of a jail Charles City County, Virginia and lynched him.

On April 7, 2019 the Virginia Department of Historic Resources unveiled the first Virginia historical marker indicating a site of the lynching, at the Charles City County, Courthouse.

Author’s Note:

Other states the author has been to, such as Alabama, Mississippi, Olkahoma and Tennessee have established historical markers indicating lynchings. The reasons why it took so long for historical societies and historical commissions, within the state do Virignia, to finally acknowledge a negative legacy of our nations history, that was primarily utilized by whites against non-whites, by publicly advocating for and displaying historical markers where these events happened remains at this time unknown to the author.

Charles Cittie, Virginia, Charles City County, Virginia

The Founding Of Charles City County, Virginia By The English Virginia Company

Algonquian-speaking Native Americans began to live by the shore of Virginia 800 years before English settlers arrived. After the creation of the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, the Virginia Company established four boroughs in the Colony of Virginia. In 1619, the Virginia Company named one of their boroughs Charles Cittie, after Prince Charles who would become King Charles I. The Charles Cittie area was later known as Charles City County, Virginia.