The Tuolumne County Museum And History Center

The Tuolumne County Museum and History Center is located within the former Tuolumne County Jail in the town of Sonora, California.

The museum has exit ties exhibits on the towns history with the Gold Rush, in addition to the history of the jail.

The Tuolumne County Museum and History Center has former jail cells with exhibits in each one. One of those exhibits shows the movies that had been filmed in the county such as “Wells Fargo”.


The Salton Sea – A Manmade Formation

The Salton Sea, also known as Salton Riviera, was a water formation created by a dam overflow, from the Colorado River, between 1905 to 1907.

In the 1860s, miners harvested salt from the area where the Salton Sea sits. When the overflowing water from the dams entered the former mines, the newly formed Salton Sea became the saltiest body of water in the United States.

Presently, the Salton Sea is a California State Park.

The white beaches are filled with the fish bones and other animals that died from the highly salty water.

California, Juan Manuel Vaca, The Vacaville Musuem

The Vacaville Musuem

Art Dietz, a Vacaville historian and collector, amassed a collection of various ironing devices. That collection of irons was the beginning of the historical collections that would become part of the history musuem for the town. On May 4, 1984, the Vacaville Musuem was established.

The musuem presently has an exhibit called “Collections” which includes Art Dietz’s ironing device collection.

The musuem hosts a multitude of “Cartes” which display historical information in artistic ways.

At the end of the musuem is the history of Vacaville, including the Pena Adobe where Juan Manuel Vaca, whom Vacaville was named after, and Juan Felipe Pena used to reside in.