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The Santa Clara Courthouse Was Built To Persuade The State Legislature To Return The State Capital To San Jose, California

The Santa Clara County government proposed establishing a courthouse, which was designed by Levi Goodrich, one of the husbands of the first American Governor of California Peter Hardeman Burnette, as a move to convince the state legislature to move the state capital from Sacramento back to San Jose, California. In 1867, construction of the Santa Clara County Courthouse was completed but new courthouse failed to convince the legislature to move the state capital back to San Jose.

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The Home Of Samuel Hensley – The Man Who Delivered The Papers Ratifying California As The 31st

In 1850, Samuel J. Hensley delivered the papers ratifying California as a state to the new state capital building in San Jose, California.

Photograph of Samuel J. Hensley.

Samuel J. Hensley has built a home nearby the site of the former California State Capital.

Currently, the Samuel J. Hensley house is part of the Hensley Historical District that was established in the 1990s.