Burning Man, Burning Man Festival

The Burning Man Exhibit At The Petaluma Art Center

The Petaluma Arts Center hosted various sculptures, artwork as well as photography from Burning Man. The curators were the same as the ones who hosted the Burning Man exhibit at the California Musuem of Oakland.

The musuem has a series of photographs of the various temples built at Burning Man. David Best designed many of the temples until 2016.

In addition there were photographs of various other sculptures within the festival at nighttime.

Author’s Note:

Author Philip Hamilton attended Burning Man in 2019 for his first time and saw the teacup sculptures at the front of the art center at the event.

Burning Man, Burning Man Festival

The Burning Man Special Exhibit At The California Museum Of Oakland, California

In November 2019, the Oakland Musuem of California opened an exhibit on the annual “Burning Man” gathering with various relics from the event’s original location at Baker Beach and its secondary location on the playa in northern Nevada. The playa has had temples built which have been open to people of any religious denomination and to those who are just spiritual in nature. David Best designed nine Burning Man temples since the year 2000.