Austin, Texas

1882 to 1886 – The Construction Of The Fourth State Capital Building Of Austin, Texas

Due to a need for a new and larger capital building, In 1876, three million acres of land were set aside in the panhandle to find construction of the fourth state capital building of Texas. The Texas State Capital Building was constructed from 1882 to 1886, and serves as the capital building to this day.

Author’s Note:

In 1905, a statue of Sam Houston was donated to the National Sanctuary Hall, of the United States Congress building.

Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas – Named After The Founder Of Texan Independence

In the 1830s the first permanent Anglo settlers arrived, within the present area of Austin, Texas, and called their village Waterloo. In 1836, the first capital of the the Republic of Texas was established in the town of Columbia. In 1839, the tiny Waterloo was chosen to be the new capital of the Republic of Texas. A new city was built in the wilderness, and was named after Stephen Fuller Austin, “The Father of Texas.”

Painting of Stephen Fuller Austin.

Austin would serve as the capital of the Republic of Texas and of the State of Texas, after it was admitted to the United States on December 29, 1845.