Daly City, California, John Madden, Mussel Rock’s Datum Point, The Daly City History Musuem, World War II

The Daly City History Guild Musuem And Archieve

The Daly City History Guild Museum And Archieve features an extensive history of the northern Bay Area.

Robert Thornton moved to Lake Merced and became the first American resident of the lands within Daly City.

John Donald Daly, the owner of San Mateo Dairy, provided food and housing for individuals who lost their homes due to the 1906 earthquake. For John Donald Daly’s act of goodwill, the local government named the lands John lived and worked in Daly City.

After the earthquake, John Daly established a mansion in San Francisco for his family. The mansion still stands in present day.

During World War II Mussel Rock’s Datum Point was an army post on the watch out for Japenese warships. During the war, there were other datum points at Point Bonita Lighthouse, Mike Rock Lighthouse, the Farallon Islands and the Water Tower at Fort Miley.

An army plane had crashed within a residential district in Daly City during the World War II.

There was a rare snowstorm that occurred in the Bay Area in 1964.

The musuem features the National Football League player and announcer John Madden.

The musuem also featured historians Ken and Bunny Gillespie, whom were both prominent local historians.

Karol Józef Wojtyła, Misión San Francisco de Asís, Mission San Francisco, Pope John Paul II, Vatican

Mission San Francisco

Mission San Francisco, also known as Misión San Francisco de Asís and as Mission Dolores, was established in 1788.

The inside of the basicilia has three domes, where the chapel members congregate.

This mission, unlike the others I’ve been to, in California has stain glass windows representing all of the different missions in the state.

The musuem of the Misión San Francisco de Asís displayed photos of Karol Józef Wojtyła, whom was renamed Pope John Paul II by the Vatican, visiting the mission in 1987.

Author’s Note:

Philip Hamilton got to meet the grandson of one of the blacksmiths of Sutter’s Fort, who works as a volunteer for Misión San Francisco de Asís.

President George Herbert Walker Bush

The Passing Of George Herbert Walker Bush

On November 30, 2018 President George Herbert Walker Bush passed away. President Bush was an artistic man, like his son whom has been painting after his presidency, since he shared his thoughts with poetry.

In fact, President Bush wrote his memories with poems that he had written, a course past presidents have not taken to establish their legacy.

Calico, California

The Calico “Ghost Town”

The town of Calico was established in 1881 after a silver mine and a camp for the miners was built at the site.

Lucy Bell Lane, was the longest term resident, at the former silver mining town.

The town had various buildings kept in tact, including the photo shop building.

After the silver mine closed Calico was abandoned and turned into a “ghost town”.

Author’s Note:

Philip Hamilton visited the town of Calico in November 2017.

Santa Cruz Mission State Historic Park, Santa Cruz, California

The Mission Adobe Of Santa Cruz

The Mission Adobe for the Santa Cruz Mission, also known as the Misión la Exaltacion de la Santa Cruz, was built from 1795 to 1793 and the structure is the oldest building in Santa Cruz County.

The mission building has exhibits on the Olhone natives that helped construct the building.

The natives constructed the adobes and the mission building.

After the Santa Cruz Mission became the first to be secularized, the adobe buildings transferred ownership to many business owners.

The Mission Adobe went through a period of abandonment before becoming a California State Park.

Misión la Exaltacion de la Santa Cruz

Mission Santa Cruz

Mission Santa Cruz, also known as Misión la Exaltacion de la Santa Cruz, was the 12th mission to be established in the state of California.

The chapel is smaller then all of the other missions I’ve been to.

The only original buildings associated with the mission is the Adobe that’s in mission park.

Author’s Note:

This is the first mission building that Philip Hamilton has visited in California.