Charles City County History Center, Charles City County, Virginia, The Charles City County, Virginia “Coat Of Arms”

The Charles City County, Virginia “Coat Of Arms”

The “Coat of Arms” for Charles City County, Virginia is symbolic of various historical elements within the county. The Charles City County Historical Association states that the Coat of Arms has:

Two laurel wreaths in a central gold badge represent the two Charles City born Presidents – William Henry Harrison and John Tyler. The cross symbolizes the first American missionary to Africa, the Rev. Lott Cary, who was born a slave in Charles City and became a founding father of Liberia. Green borders the central badge reminiscent of the green fields of a rural county. Eight stars on the green – seven silver and one gold – are emblematic of Charles City’s role as one of the eight original shires.

The torch, a symbol of learning, and two wings, symbols of liberty stand for the free public schools started in Charles City in 1870.

Charles City County, Virginia

The Shirley Plantation – America’s Oldest Farm And Family Owned Business

In 1613, the Shirley Plantation home was built in Charles City County, by the north bank of the James River. In 1638, Edward Hill established multiple farms by the banks of the James River officially making the property a plantation.

During the U.S. Civil War, Siah Hulett, one of the slaves on the Shirley Plantation, escaped the plantation to serve on the USS Monitor.

The Shirley Home and the plantation has been managed by descendants of the original family since they were first established. In present day, the Shirley Plantation is America’s oldest farm and family owned business.

Charles City County, Virginia, President John Tyler, President William Henry Harrison, Sherwood Forest Plantation

Charles City County Virginia – The Birthplace Of U.S. Presidents John Tyler and William Henry Harrison

The Sherwood Forest Plantation.

On March 29, 1790, President John Tyler was born in the Sherwood Forest Plantation in Charles City County, Virginia.

Photograph of the Berkley Plantation.

Coinencidently John Tyler’s future running mate and future President William Henry Harrison was born in the same county at the Berkley Plantation. William Henry Harrison’s father was a signer of the Declaration of Independence and was a former Virginia Governor.

Charles Cittie, Virginia, Charles City County, Virginia

The Founding Of Charles City County, Virginia By The English Virginia Company

Algonquian-speaking Native Americans began to live by the shore of Virginia 800 years before English settlers arrived. After the creation of the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown, the Virginia Company established four boroughs in the Colony of Virginia. In 1619, the Virginia Company named one of their boroughs Charles Cittie, after Prince Charles who would become King Charles I. The Charles Cittie area was later known as Charles City County, Virginia.

J.C. Graves Musuem, New Mount Zion Baptist Church

The Former African American Schoolhouse Of King And Queen County, Virginia

In 1890, about thirty years after slavery was abolished, a schoolhouse for African Americans was established in King and Queen County. J.C. Graves, the pastor of New Mount Zion Baptist Church, served as a schoolteacher for decades.

The Mount Zion Baptist Church of King and Queen County, Virignia.

When the schoolhouse closed in 1937, the New Mount Zion Baptist Church bought the school and turned it into the J.C. Graves Musuem in the honor of their former pastor. Currently, the musuem highlights the legacy of J.C. Graves and the history of African American education in the county.

The King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum, Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren

The King And Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum – The Only Surviving Structure From The March 10, 1864 Union Raid

The King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum is the only surviving structure from a March 10, 1864 Union raid on the King and Queen Courthouse and surrounding county seat buildings, as retaliation for the killing of Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren. The King and Queen Courthouse Tavern Museum hosts several historical exhibits from King and Queen County, Virginia.

King And Queen County, Virginia, The King And Queen County, Virginia Historical Society

The Old Clerk’s Office And The King And Queen County, Virginia Historical Society

The Old Clerk’s Office and the Confederate Monument of King and Queen County, Virginia.

In 1953, the King and Queen County Historical Society was founded and was eventually re-located to the site of the Old Clerk’s Office; which was rebuilt in 1866 after the original building was burnt down as retaliation of the killing of Union Colonel Ulric Dahlgren. In 1912, a Confederate Monument was erected to confederate soldiers and sailors of King and Queen County in front of the Old Clerk’s Office. Later, in 1957, the Clerk’s Office was moved to the inside of the King and Queen Courthouse, after an office was added inside. Years after, the King and Queen Historical Society began to store records inside the Old Clerk’s Office.

The former clerk’s office, the Historic Courthouse Tavern Musuem and a former schoolhouse archieve historical records for King and Queen County, Virginia.