Concord, California, Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo

Mount Diablo was a site where Bay Area native Americans worshipped for thousands of years.

The mountian was formed form tectonic movement from the Jurassic Period 190 million years ago.

The natives gave the mountian several names and the Spanish once called it “Monte Del Diablo”, which stands for “Thicket of the Devil”, after an encounter with the natives.

On August 2, 1921, Mount Diablo was designated as a California state park. That designation remains to this day.

Concord, California, Mount Diablo, World War II

The Watchtower Of Mount Diablo

The Mount Diablo watchtower was built in the 1920s, by an oil company that was operating in Concord, California. After Pearl Harbor, the light at the tower was turned off to prevent Japanese aircraft from being able to see targets on the ground, in the event their forces had been sent to the bay area.

The light tower remained unused after the end of hostilities with the Empire of Japan. In present day, the inside of the tower had the Mount Diablo Summit Museum.

The museum consists of the geologic history and an anthropology of the natives in that region.

The mountian had various names given to it by the natives and by the Spaniards.

In addition, inside of the museum has a casted price if the top of the mountain for visitors to touch.

Richmond, California

Richmond Museum of History

The Richmond Museum of History consists of exhibits on the shipbuilding efforts in the area during World War II.

The Ford Company had a manufacturing plant for gasoline vehicles in Richmond.

During World War II the Ford Company converted the factory so that it would be able to produce tanks, and other military machines.

The shipyards contributed greatly to the war effort, and in the year 2000 the main shipyard was designated as the Riveter the Rosie National Park.

After the axis powers surrendered, one by one, the shipyard was the site of celebrations with it’s workers.

There was a ferry that ran between San Francisco to Richmond to transport individuals. The construction of a bridge that connected west bay to east bay caused the ferry line to end, once the bridge opened to automobile traffic.

These are photos that were taken the last day the ferry was open.

Aptos, California, The Aptos History Museum

The Aptos History Museum

The Aptos History Museum features a city that derives it’s name from an Ohlone Indian name.

A King Kalakaua of Hawaii had visited the Aptos home of Claus Spreckels in October 1881.

The Forest of the Nisene Marks was the site of the October 17, 1989 Loma Priete Earthquake.

Author’s Note:

On January 2018, Philip Hamilton visited the epicenter of the Loma Priete Earthquake.

Alex De Renzy, San Francisco, California, Tenderloin

The Screening Room of Uptown Tenderloin

Alex De Renzy created the first pornographic film to be legally featured on movie screens inside the United States. The first screening was held in 1970, in the screening room of the present day “Power Exchange” club.

Authors Note:

The Bay Area Reporter has more information on the history of pornography films in the Bay Area.