Stratford Hall – The Former Residence Of Thomas Lee, Francis Lightfoot Lee, Virginia Governor Henry Lee III and General Robert Edward Lee

In 1738, about one hundred years after the first member of the Lee family arrived to Virginia from Britain, Thomas Lee had the Stratford Hall residence constructed in Westmoreland County, Virginia. This home would become the residence of multiple generations of the Lee family, including Francis Lightfoot Lee, former Virginia Governor Henry Lee III and General Robert Edward Lee.

Members of Lee family, including Robert Edward Lee, resided within Stratford Hall until Henry Lee III ran into significant financial debts. In 1821, the Lee family relocated from their large estate in Westmoreland to a smaller residence in Alexandria, Virginia.

In present day, Stratford Hall hosts a multitude of historical artifacts such as large portrait of William Pitt, the Earl of Chatham who called for the repeal of the 1765 Stamp Act. Residents of Westmoreland County had raised money to have that portrait done.

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