The Hebron Lutheran Church – Where James Madison And James Monroe Debated The Fate Of The U.S. Constitution On January 1789

In 1714, the first set of German miners were sent to the commonwealth of Virginia to establish Fort Germanna in Spotslyvania County. Since the miners did not have the money to make the oassage from Europe, Colonel Nathaniel Blakiston organized an arrangement for Alexander Spotswood to pay for their passage to Virginia. In 1717, a second band of German Lutherans arrived at Fort Germanna in a group that later was known as the “second colony”.

In 1725, Lutheran Germans from Fort Germanna established the congregation that would later form the Hebron Lutheran Church. In 1740, a petite wooden church was established, in Madison County, Virginia, as the first physical structure for the congregation.

In January 1789, 49 years after the church was first built, James Madison and James Monroe came to the church for the purpose of debating the fate of the United States Consitution in a public forum. The debate was held outside, as snow was falling, on the steps of the church.

After that historic debate, the wooden church was been expanded in size in the 1800s. The area were James Madison and James Monroe once stood is where the church’s second set of pews currently stand below their white organ.

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