The Royal Governor's Palace Of Williamsburg, Virginia

The Governor’s Palace Of Williamsburg – The Former Residence Of Seven Royal British Governors, Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson

The Governor’s Palace of Williamsburg, Virginia was the former residence of seven Royal British Governors. During the American Revolution this building was the home of Patrick Henry and Thomas Jefferson.

The Governor’s Palace first opened to the public at large, “as part of Colonial Williamsburg on April 23, 1934. Originally decorated with inaccurate Colonial Revival style antiques, the interior was refurnished in 1981 with pieces better representing the Palace’s eighteenth century décor. Additional changes were made in 2006 to reflect the Palace’s appearance during the residency of Lord Dunmore” (Trish Thomas 2021).

As a result of the 2006 restoration, which occurred a year before the 400 year anniversity of the establishment of the British colony of Jamestown, 540 decorative weapons, including knives, swords and various firearms, were placed on display on the wall of the palace. At the time of Lord Dunmore’s rule decorative weapons had been placed on the walls as a show of power for the various guests of the royal governor.

Author’s Note:

On November 12th, 2022, author Philip Andrew Hamilton saw a color guard, that represented the militia, minutemen and continentals of the American forces, march at the lawn in front of the Governor’s Palace.

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