Major Richard Snowden Andrews

Major Richard Snowden Andrews Survives An Injury From The Battle Of Cedar Mountain That Is Deemed As A “Medical Miracle”

During the United States Civil War, Doctor William Henry Amiss’s medical practice was located in Sperryville, Virginia and his brother Doctor Thomas Amiss worked in Page County. Both doctors served as surgeons for the Army of Northern Virginia, and were involved with the treatment of Major Richard Snowden Andrews, who was disemboweled during the Battle of Cedar Mountian near Culpeper. After what was considered a mortal wound, both doctors stitched Major Andrews bowels back together it was deemed a medical miracle when Major Andrews survived the surgery. Major Andrews was wounded again during the Second Battle of Winchester and would live until 1903.

Doctor William Henry Amiss, also passed away in 1903, four months after the death of Major Andrews.

The site of Doctor William Amiss’s medical office is currently being used for the Haley Fine Art Gallery. A historical marker about this medicial miracle has been placed in front of the gallery.

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