Charlottesville, Virginia, Nicholas Meriwether II

The Maplewood Cemetery – Charlottesville, Virginia’s Oldest Public Cemetery And The Gravesite Of Philanthropist Paul Goodloe McIntire

In 1827, a year after the passing of President Thomas Jefferson, the Maplewood Cemetery was established within a plot of land granted to Nicholas Meriwether II, by King George II, in 1725. War of 1812 veterans, Confederate veterans, Spanish American War veterans, Philanthropist Paul Goodloe McIntire, former slave and Civil Rights activist Fairfax Taylor, and many other members of the Charlottesville community are buried within the grounds of the Maplewood Cemetery.

Author’s Note:

In 1735, Nicholas Meriwether II added used part of his land grant, which he added 1,900 acres to, for the foundation for “The Farm”.

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