Battle of Boonsboro Gap, Battle of South Mountain, Boonsboro, Maryland

1827 – The First Washington Monument Was Built In Boonsboro, Maryland

In 1827, the first ever monument dedicated to former President George Washington was built on top of a hill in Boonsboro, Maryland. The locals of Boonsboro had built the First Washington Monument as part of their preparation for their first Independence Day celebration.

On July 4, 1827, the First Washington Monument was not yet complete, and would not be done until the fall of that year.

During the U.S. Civil War the Union forces occupied the First Washington Monument.

Painting depicting the Battle of South Mountain in September 19, 1862.

During the Battle of South Mountain, also known as the Battle of Boonsboro Gap, the monument was utilized as a signal station.

Years after the Civil War, the First Washington Monument became a Maryland State Park. Currently, several markers indicate multiple highlights in George Washington’s life along the trail to the monument.

The Appalachian Trial, in adjacent to the First Washington Monument, leads hikers all the way up to the state of Pennslyvania.

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