Lexington, Virginia, Moses Jacob Ezekiel

Virginia Military Institute Cadet Moses Jacob Ezekiel’s Statute Of Stonewall Jackson

In 1903, Moses Jacob Ezekiel, whom graduated as a cadet of the Virginia Military Institute in 1866, created the sculpture “Virginia Mourning Her Dead” as a dedication to the VMI cadets who died at the Battle of New Market. In 1912, Mose Ezekiel created another sculpture of the former VMI Engineer professor Stonewall Jackson, which he donated to VMI. The General Stonewall Jackson statute was placed at the front entrance of the barracks within the walls of the institute.

Photograph of sculptor Moses Jacob Ezekiel.

The Stonewall Jackson statute stands in front of the barracks at the Virginia Military Institute and is next to cannons that are painted red. VMI cadets would parade with these red cannons to distinguish them from enlisted military and officers.

Near the statute of Stonewall Jackson is the statute of George C. Marshall, which is next to the George C. Marshall Institute.

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