Johnny Cash

The Johnny Cash Musuem Of Nashville, Tennessee

The Johnny Cash Musuem was established in Nashville, Tennesse by one of Johnny Cash’s friends.

Johnny Cash sung in the presence of President Richard Nixon during the bicentennial celebration of the United States is America and has worked both as a musician and as an actor with various celebrities such as Willie Nelson. Cash was lessor known for his role as an author of multiple books.

Johnny Cash’s last music video was a cover, from the Nine Inch Nails song “Hurt”. While the song was a cover, it reflected his beliefs as a man in senior age and his willingness to accept the closure of his musical career.

Johnny Cash has lived in a home outside of Nashville, Tennessee. However, shortly after the Cash home was sold to another musicians, the home burned to the ground while contractors worked on renovating the house.

Author’s Note:

The owner of the Johnny Cash Musuem met Cash during one of his concerts. Johnny Cash threw his harmonica into the crowd, the museum owner caught it, and Cash invited him to speak to him on stage.

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