Afghanistan, Nuristan, Afghanistan

The California State Mining And Mineral Museum

The California State Mining and Mineral Museum was established in Mariposa County along the Western Sierra on Highway 49.

The California State Geological Society was founded in 1865, before the California Mineral Musuem was established, and has collected mineral specimens from around the world.

The mineral gallery consists of various minerals from sites of other countries such as Nuristan, Afghanistan.

The Almaden Quicksilver mine, the first mine in California that existed before the Gold Rush, is featured. Interestingly, the California State Park System states that there was a Prussian connection to the owner of the Almaden Quicksilver Mine whom was illegally mining on federal land while Abraham Lincoln was president.

The largest existing golden nugget found from the Gold Rush era is on display at the Musuem.

In Southern California a 20 mule team was utilized fo mine for Boran.

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