San Jose, California, The San Jose Fire Musuem

The San Jose Fire Musuem

The San Jose Fire Museum is a museum, in downtown San Jose, California, which opened to the public at its new location Fire Station #1 in 2018.

The museum has the largest collection of fireman artifacts in San Jose, California.

The musuem has various illustrations depicting the original San Jose Fire Station #1.

The San Jose Fire Musuem features photos of firemen near the San Jose Bascilica that was in proximity to the Owen’s Electric Tower that used to be located in downtown.

Other photos show fireman utilizing equipment in front of the fire station.

The musuem features the 1810 James Smith Hand Pumper and the 1890 Amoskeag Steamer, one of the earliest fire fighting vehicles.

A callbox to San Jose Firestation 1 was utilized until 1973. The callbox was removed after it was determined most calls were false alarms.

The musuem has displays on various other artifacts.

Another noteworthy artifact was a maroon wooden mast.

The San Jose Fire Museum was originally located at a storage location off of Senter Road in San Jose, California before it moved to the historic Fire Station #1.

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