San Jose, California

The Birthplace Of Amadeo Pietro Giannini – The Founder Of The Bank Of Italy

On May 6, 1870, Amadeo Pietro Giannini, also known as Amadeo Peter Giannini and as A.P. Giannini, was born in a residence located at 79 North Market Street San Jose, California.

On October 17, 1904, Amadeo Pietro Giannini founded the Bank of Italy. Amadeo Pietro Giannini invented the concept of branch banking and losing money without collateral, which was essential in the rebuilding of San Francisco after the devastating Earthquake of 1906. After the earthquake, Amadeo Pietro Giannini helped individuals such as Walt Disney finance his first animated film. At his death in 1949, the Bank of Italy, which became the Bank of America, had over 500 branches and was the largest bank in the world at the time.

Author’s Note:

History San Jose has historical artifacts pertaining to the Bank of Italy.

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