Philip Andrew Hamilton, Ron Friedman

My Thirty Second Birthday And My Interview With Fellow Writer Ron Friedman!

May 20th of 2019 marks my 32nd birthday and a year and three months since I began my website on February 25, 2018. I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet several historical figures such as the Clarence Jones, the co-author of Martin Luther King Junior’s, “I Have A Dream” speech, Rita Chavez, the sister of Caesar Chavez, and Ela Gandhi, the granddaughter of civil rights activist Mahatma Gandhi. This past weekend, I went to the home of Ron Friedman in Bel Air, California to interview him regarding the his upbringing in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, his involvement with the development of animation, his encounters with Walt Disney and his friendship with Marvel Comics writer Stan Lee.

Philip Andrew Hamilton with Ron Friedman on May 18, 2019.

Be on the lookout for the interview which will be posted in June!

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