Luis Maria Peralta Adobe

Luis Maria Peralta Adobe – Built By A Member Of The De Anza Expedition And The Oldest Building In San Jose, California

On November 29, 1777, sixty Dwight of de Anza’s pobladores, Spanish for settlers, founded California’s first city, El Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe. The groups consisted of ethically and racially group of soldiers, ex-soldiers, some farmers, and their families. This group of pobladores helped furnish food to the presidios of Monterey and San Francisco.

The Luis Maria Peralta Adobe was built by Manuel González, who was an Apache Indian that was a member of the de Anza party. Manuel was one of San José’s first alcaldes, Spanish for mayors. In 1804, Manuel sold his adobe to Luis María Peralta, who was another member of the de Anza expedition. Peralta became the Comisionado, the crown officer, of San José in 1807.

A desperate historical marker in another part of San Jose indicates the original location of the adobe.

Currently, the U.S. National Park Service owns the site of the Luis Maria Peralta Adobe.

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