Jackson, Mississippi, Saint Louis, Missouri, Theodore C. Link

The Capital Building Of Mississippi – Constructed On The Site Of The Old State Penitentiary

The Mississippi State Capital building.

The Mississippi State Capital building was designed by Theodore C. Link, an architect from Saint Louis, Missouri.

Photograph of German born architect Theodore C. Link.

The Mississippi State Capital was constructed on the site of the Old State Penitentiary in Jackson, Mississippi, that was once used as a munitions factory during the U.S. Civil War, when prisoners were temporarily re-located to county jails before the capture of the penitentiary during the Battle of Jackson. The Mississippi Capital building has been the seat of the state government since 1901.

Author’s Note:

The Old Mississippi State Capital Building In Jackson, Mississippi was built in 1839 and served as the seat of state government until 1903. The 1839 Married Women’s Property Act, Mississippi’s secession from the Union in 1861, and the crafting of the 1868 and 1890 state constitutions were all conducted in the old capital building. Currently, the structure is the site of the Old Capital Museum.

The Old Mississippi State Capital Building.

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