Congressional Reconstruction, Montgomery, Alabama

1867 to 1874 – The Period Of Reconstruction In Alabama

Montgomery, Alabama, and the rest of the state, during the era of Congressional Reconstruction, saw the introduction African American politicians and some freedoms for African Americans.

This 1872 lithograph by Currier and Ives depicts African Americans legislators who were elected to the 41st and 42nd Congress during Reconstruction. Representative Benjamin Turner of Alabama is pictured seated second from the left.

However, the Black Codes cut down on the newfound freedoms of former slaves. In addition, cotton crop failures due to dropping cotton prices, indentured servitude due to lack of work, government subsidies for railroads that could not afford to expand without government assistance, and starvation for many farmers, and other individuals, who did have sufficient work nor government assistance were issues at the time.

This C-Span documentary discusses the Civil War and the era of Reconstruction in Alabama.

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