Ancient Africa, Enslavement & Civil War Musuem, Annie Pearl Avery, Selma, Alabama

The Ancient Africa, Enslavement, And Civil War Museum Of Selma, Alabama

The Ancient Africa, Enslavement & Civil War Museum of Selma, Alabama was established in 2002 to remind the visitors of the town the legacy of slavery, in ancient and modern times, and how it’s inhumanity should never again be allowed to be inflicted on others in America and around the world.

This musuem is a sister musuem of the National Voting Rights Musuem and Institute in Selma, Alabama.

The museum shows exhibits on slavery in Ancient Africa, slavery in the United States, particularly how enslaved African American men and women were counted as a fifth of a person, and the disenfranchisement of African Americans through the Jim Crow Laws restricting voting rights and the mandatory segregation of private and public facilities.

Author’s Note:

Annie Pearl Avery, a Civil Rights and “Bloody Sunday” veteran who worked with Martin Luther King, Junior, currently works for the museum.

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