Elizabeth Shoumatoff, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

Roosevelt’s Little White House – The Site Where President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt Died

In February 2018, I got to visit what is now called “Roosevelt’s Little White House”, which was a vacation home and a former residence for President Franklin Dwight Roosevelt. The former president would retreat there as a therapeutic time to deal with his Polio.

On April 12, 1945, artist Elizabeth Shoumatoff was painting a portrait of President Roosevelt and he ended up slouching on his chair, unresponsive, before the portrait was complete. Two hours later, President Roosevelt died of a brain hemmorage. President Franklin Roosevelt’s final portrait is still displayed inside of the “Little White House”.

Presently, the former residence of President Franklin Roosevelt serves as a musuem.

1 thought on “Roosevelt’s Little White House – The Site Where President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt Died”

  1. There is a discussion on You Tube just now about whether Roosevelt’s middle name was Delano or Delanor. I always though it had an “R”. Could you possibly confirm which please? I am assuming you would know this and have the correct spelling, but others disagree.


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