Andersonville Prison, Appomattox, Virginia, Henry Wirz, Robert Edward Lee, Sumter County, Georgia

The Confederate Andersonville Prison

South view of the Andersonville Prison (August 17, 1964).

The Andersonville Prison of Sumter County, Georgia was a prison camp that held 45,000 union soldiers.

A group of prisoners, called the Raiders, terrorize the camp. Six of the raiders were summarily executed.

Andersonville Prison’s second commander Henry Wirz.

Henry Wirz, who took command of the Andersonville Prison after the first commander died, was arrested a month after Robert Edward Lee surrendered his forces at Appomattox, Virginia and was executed as a war criminal shortly after.

The 1865 war crimes trial of Henry Wirz.

John Rupert and John Hines, the last individuals to die in the Civil War before the surrender of the Confederacy, were killed by friendly fire during an attempt to capture Jefferson Davis. They are both buried at the Andersonville National Cemetery.

In 1970, the Andersonville Prison was established as the Andersonville National Historic Site to honor all U.S. prisoners of war.

Presently, the former prison is the site of the National Prisoner of War Museum.

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